6 Perks to Park Model Home Living

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Why Bigger isn't Always Better


Reducing your home to less than 400 square feet may feel daunting at first, but the perks of a minimalist lifestyle lead to a more fulfilling life. With the average price of housing in the U.S sky rocketing, there has never been a better time to explore the perks of downsizing to a tiny home lifestyle. From living in a Tiny home community at Sugar Mill Creek next to beautiful Lake Burton, Georgia or picking your own piece of America to call home; a park model home is the best home for those looking to get more out of life.

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Although Americans like to think bigger is better, having a more eco-friendly home leads most homeowners to experience the opposite. Below is a list of the top 6 benefits for owning and living in a park model home

The 6 Perks of Park Model Home Living

1.) Say Goodbye to a Mortgage

Purchasing a Park model home is the perfect alternative for families looking to avoid a 30-year mortgage.  The average 30-year mortgage, which includes a 4.5% interest rate, makes the median cost for a house in the U.S just over 482k whereas a Park Model home from Stone Canyon Cabins and Sugar Mill Creek come nowhere close to that price. Recent studies show that nearly 70% of Tiny house owners are free and clear of any mortgage payment in comparison to just 29% of all other homeowners.


2.) Spend Less and Make More

Your investment in a park model home will actually give you a lot more than just simplistic living. By saving money on the overall purchase of the home, most tiny house owners find themselves putting more money towards annual vacations, retirement and luxuries they never thought they could afford. Get more out of day to day life by reducing what it cost to live and improving what it feels like to live.


3.) Eco-Friendly

Outside of the purchasing price, Park model homes are also more cost effective to run on an annual basis compared to most homes. Obviously, reducing total square footage will reduce your annual power and water usage but reducing you housing size will also lead to a change in lifestyle. Most Tiny home owners find themselves relying on nature by growing their own produce, composting and reducing their reliability on the “grid” just under a year of tiny living.

Inside a tiny home and park mobile home

4.) Change of Scenery

The minimal square footage of a park model home means owners have a unique freedom to live anywhere their heart desires. With Stone Canyon Cabins, owners have the freedom to ship their custom-built house to any location in the United States. Not looking to live alone? Join a Tiny home community like Sugar Mill Creek and live amongst fellow park model homeowners in Beautiful Lake Burton, Georgia


5.) Easy Maintenance

With a massive reduction on square footage comes a massively helpful decrease in every day chores and maintenance. No longer worry about cleaning massive living rooms, bedrooms or forgotten about closet space; instead only worry about the things you need. This can be a tricky thing to get used too but learning to live small means less stress and worry in the long run.

6.) A Simpler Life

Lastly, living in a park model home means less of the unnecessary and bigger focus on what’s really important. Tiny home owners find themselves worrying less and less about fancy wardrobes, the latest technology and end up spending more time with friends and family, and on fulfilling life experiences.

Ultimately, the best things in life aren’t the biggest, but instead are the things that mean the most to us. Its about time to take a step back, take a deep breathe and live a simpler life.

To learn more about Tiny home living, get in touch with a Sugar Mill Creek or Stone Canyon Cabins Representative today to see how living tiny is right for you!

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  1. Interested in finding out cost of the homes. Can they be financed through you or do they need to be paid in full before I can move in. Thanks Tracy Dicenso

    1. Hi Tracy, Home costs vary depending on lot location and model. Yes we can help with financing options. Would you like to speak to a sales associate? If so please call our 800#. Thank you for your interest in our park model homes!

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